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Advanced Materials

The Science of Innovation


Viton® is a Registered Trademark of E.I.du Pont de Nemours and Company Advanced Materials

The Science of Innovation

Working in extreme conditions demands materials that can hold up in a wide variety of applications. Modern chemistry has brought about new materials with superior technical properties. When combined with the right binders and fillers, these chemicals create gasket and seal materials that far surpass the materials offered just a few years ago. Master Packing and Rubber Company has worked with major manufacturers of polymers and sheet to develop a number of proprietary materials used in the manufacturing of our cut gaskets and molded rubber parts. We strive to out-perform the competition and save our customers valuable capital as a result of reduced maintenance, longer life cycles and reduced downtime.

Old Materials… Old Technology

Have you ever installed gaskets, only to find out they leak? Have you spent time shutting down a pressure vessel, pump, tank, pipeline, broken the flange connection, and spent too much time removing the old gaskets with a chisel and grinder? Then installed a new gasket to these now compromised flanges, knowing that it will probably leak again. If this scenario sounds familiar, you should know that you are not alone. The good news is we have a solution so this doesn’t need to happen anymore.

New Materials… Superior Technology

Master Packing and Rubber Company now offers a number of new materials that have become very popular in eliminating these time wasting efforts and costs. We have been supplying these through our entire customer base, both OEM and MRO.

Through our relationship with DuPont Performance Elastomers and Eagle Elastomers since 1996, we have been offering a new proprietary compound out of the “F” family of Viton® that has been out performing other FKM products in the market. Outstanding performance in the rail and marine engine market, it is now gaining strong acceptance in the bio-fuels industry. We offer this material in many of our new molded seals.

On the sheet side of our business, we are pleased to announce that we had worked for almost two years with InterFace Solutions Inc., the leading gasket material supplier to the OEM and service markets, regarding the development of a new sheet material that would be environmentally friendly and bring even greater performance to our customers than is currently available. This “Compressed MicroPore™ Technology” sheet is yellow in color and made 100% solvent-free – here in the USA. Ask about our C-Swell Style 7900 sheet material.

Eliminating the use of solvents to become more environmentally friendly is important to us and we hope to our customers as well. Using water instead of solvents, InterFace Solutions, Inc., developed their “Hydro Fused™ Sheet Gasket process. The result is safer for the planet and safer for people.

In addition, we wanted a sheet that would possess high bolt torque retention and high crush resistance. We also needed a material that would contain a highly cross-linked nitrile binder for oil and fuel use, but “salted” with an additional binder to give us a “controlled swell” in that service. This unique multi-polymer formulation offers better interaction with various fluids for enhanced sealing performance in joints with lower bolt tension and longer bolt spans. Finally, we asked that the material have a high surface friction and high resistance to blow-out forces, yet be easy to remove. Above all – no leaks. To readily identify the sheet, it will be dual branded with both company logos. We are very pleased with the results as we enter into a long term relationship with InterFace Solutions. Want more information? Ask about our new C-Swell Yellowseal material.