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Thinking “outside the box” to provide innovative sealing solutions: The fully-molded “Ladder Gasket” from MPRC.

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                             The “Ladder Gasket” from MPRC

Master Packing & Rubber Company (MPRC) takes great pride in “thinking outside the box” to do whatever it takes to assist our customers, and we never shy away from challenging or problem applications that many suppliers turn down.

One example of a solution we provided our customer is a fully-molded “Ladder gasket,” which goes inside a large rotating drum.  The previous OEM version was not only failing after limited use, but the lead time to acquire a new seal was excessive.  This made the overall replacement cost and down-time while waiting for new parts a losing effort.

MPRC was able to fully-mold this gasket in house thanks to our customer sending us the actual drum that the gasket fits in to ensure a precision fit, resulting in proper sealing.  In addition, MPRC determined the best material needed for the application based on temperature, pressure, rotation, and media the material seals against.  The result:  an improved seal that exceeds OEM standards, improves service life, and provides a cost savings to the customer with drastically improved lead times.

The MPRC “Ladder Gasket” is just one example of the many custom molded seals that MPRC offers our customers.  Contact us at 800-397-3429 to see how we can assist you with your application!