High-tech Manufacturing

We cut most of our gaskets without dies. How does this benefit you? It means no lost time waiting for dies or tooling to be made and no additional die charges. This means fast turnaround with exceptional quality and precision. Our Atom Flashcut is a computer-controlled, high-output precision gasket cutter. All we need is a CAD file in DXF or DWG format from you. Send it to us via email, or we will digitize one for you for a nominal fee. Then we will upload it to our server, and our technicians will cut your gaskets from the broad selection of materials we stock. That’s why we call it rapid manufacturing. We provide timely, expedited service that allows your product to be shipped within hours of ordering it.


Eliminating steel rule dies also means that wood is no longer required to hold the steel rule, which allows no more trees to be needlessly cut down. Less power is consumed to produce the parts, benefiting our planet and our customers. It’s our company objective to be responsible for environmental concerns when performing any of our manufacturing processes and in all design criteria for parts or systems.

Customer Care

Whether you need a quote, want to place an order, or need assistance from one of our salespeople, our customer service representatives will give you the attention you deserve and direct you to the resources you need. Once your order is placed, you can rest assured that they will monitor it through manufacturing, shipping, and confirm on-time delivery around the world.


In addition to engineering, design, fast turnaround, and superior materials, Master Packing and Rubber Company can provide additional services to make your job easier. If you need multiple seals and gaskets for one single application, we can kit them together. We ship parts around the world to multiple locations and ensure that your order gets there on time, every time.