With our new website on it’s way up, we have decided to join the world of “blogging” and updating on “social media” to provide more information on our products, our beliefs and where we think we are heading.

What initially started out as a one man rep agency on the “south-side” of Chicago calling on the refineries and steel mills, has developed in to a manufacturing business, now located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Starting out in 1982 and after some years of great struggle, we now sell worldwide into several markets, most notably the rail and marine engine rebuild and maintenance business. Today that represents about 60% of our business. The balance is in the maintenance business across a number of industries, predominately in the broader Midwest of the United States.

With so many competitors in the fluid sealing market, we decided to create and develop our own brand name and products, and to look constantly for that next best material and / or process to always provide greater products and superior service for our customers.

Today, we operate a number of computer controlled cutting tables so that we can, and do, deliver finished cut gaskets within less than 20 minutes to local customers, where down-time is critical and parts must be at their plant. We maintain a large diverse inventory of materials, from beater-add roll stock to high end PTFE and pure graphite sheet, all in a range of thicknesses.

Years ago we started our own rubber molding department, and now with presses from 8” to 24” capacity, including vacuum injection equipment, we are molding parts that we had previously purchased from overseas sources. We are proud to be bringing jobs back to our great country, especially to be able to control our quality and output.

We are also very proud of our entire team who consistently come through for our customers, to get orders entered, produced accurately through our quality program and shipped out the door for on time deliveries. And our MPRCseals.com Team is ready to perform for you. Give us a call and let us know how we might be able to work with you.

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