Mechanical Packing Mechanical packing is used for pumps and valves in order to control leakage of all types of fluids. It is used throughout industry where temperature, application, and pressure can vary between equipment. MPRC supplies mechanical packing for centrifugal or reciprocating pumps and valves.

We supply packings made from low end flax, jute, cotton yarns, various forms of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), carbon, and graphite fibers and tapes. We can make mandrel and die-formed rings that are specific to your requirements, or supply the packings on 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50-lb. spools, depending on your needs. Our packings can handle extreme temperatures, ranging from -450ºF to over 5,000ºF, as well as pH levels that range from 0 to 14. Call MPRC for all your packing needs. Our technicians can help you improve your workflow and minimize production halts by finding the best packing solution for your equipment.

Natural/Organic Fiber

1103E Flax/Tallow Data Sheet
1117D Flax/Graphite/Marine Lubricant Data Sheet
1400J Cotton Piping Data Sheet
1501H Felt, SAE F1 Grade, White
1507H Felt, SAE F7 Grade, Grey

Mineral Fiber

2200D Ceramic Packing – Square
2200M Ceramic Packing – Round Data Sheet
2300D Fiberglass Packing – Square
2300K Fiberglass Knitted Rope – Round Data Sheet
2400D Silica Packing – Square


3110A Babbitt Foil/Fiberglass/Graphite/Graphite Data Sheet
3214A Aluminum Foil/Fiberglass/Graphite/Graphite Data Sheet
3500L Inconel Wire (Knitted)
3814A Nickel Foil w/Inconel Mesh/Graphite/Graphite Data Sheet

Synthetic Fiber

4100W Lantern Ring
4104E PTFE/Graphite – (Like GFO) Data Sheet
4104R PTFE/Graphite/Aramid Corners – (Like GFO) Data Sheet
4109E PTFE/Proprietary, White FDA (Like GFO)
4110E GFO/Len/Silicone Oil Data Sheet
4110R GFO/Len/Silicone Oil/Aramid Corners Data Sheet
4114E Len/Graphite/Silicone Oil Data Sheet
4140E PTFE/PTFE Data Sheet
4144E PTFE/PTFE/Silicone Oil Data Sheet
4145E PTFE/PTFE – FDA Approved Data Sheet
4146R PTFE/PTFE/Aramid Corners/Silicone Oil Data Sheet
4244E Kevlar/PTFE/Silicone Oil Data Sheet
4310E Aramid Fibers/PTFE/Graphite Data Sheet
4314E Synthetic Fibers/Graphite/Silicone Oil Data Sheet
4344E Synthetic Fibers/PTFE/Silicone Oil Data Sheet
4444E Novoloid/PTFE/Silicone Oil
4448E Novoloid/Aramid/Lubricant
4610E Carbon Fiber/Graphite Data Sheet
4710E Graphite/Graphite Data Sheet
4710F Graphite Foil Data Sheet
4811E Synthetic Fiber/Graphite/Silicone Oil Data Sheet
4828N Carbon Fiber/Graphite/P Cor Data Sheet
4844E Synthetic Fiber/PTFE/Silicone Oil Data Sheet
4900E Braided Graphite Data Sheet
4900R Braided Graphite with Carbon Armored Corners Data Sheet