gasket material selection guide

At Master Packing and Rubber Company (MPRC), we maintain a broad inventory of gasket sheeting and rolls. We offer Rubber, beater addition, compressed sheets that come in a wide variety of rubber materials, and a range of standard beater-add to a compressed sheet. We also stock PTFE gasket sheets with optional filler materials. Our gasket sheets can fit your specifications and come in various commercial grades. We inventory high-quality gasket materials made with graphite, and our warehouse is stocked with various forms, including pure homogenous sheets and laminates with a wide range of tanged cores, expanded steels, foils, and substrates.

At MPRC, we listen to our customers with the primary goal of delivering a gasket sheet material that meets the customer’s expectations. We stock a wide range of materials to deliver custom gaskets and ensure short lead times. Our experts can help you select the ideal material for your application.

Choosing the Best Gasket Sheet Material for Your Application

Choosing a gasket sheet material that is suitable for your application is essential. To properly perform, gaskets must be resilient and compressible to accommodate mating surface irregularities. The gasket material may also need to prevent fluids or gases from passing through the seams and crevices of the mating surface.

With a wide range of gasket sheet materials available, it’s important to consider the conditions and requirements of your specific application. Finding a material with the ideal properties to suit these factors ensures an effective, long-lasting seal. Key considerations include:

  • The minimum and maximum operating temperature the gasket will be exposed to
  • Whether or not the temperature will fluctuate
  • Media the gasket will be sealing
  • The maximum pressure that the gasket seal must withstand
  • Range in pressure fluctuations in the sealed system
  • Abrasive materials or media properties
  • The type of equipment the gasket will provide a seal for
  • Static application or dynamic application
  • The maximum speed of the dynamic application
  • The gasket’s exposure to radiation or UV rays
  • Potential for corrosion or oxidation from the media or external factors
  • The pH range of the media
  • Industry standards or specification requirements including UL, MIL, NSF, WRAS, ANSI, and FDA

Choosing the best Gasket Sheet material for your application.

Material Types

Mineral / Natural Fiber / Beater Addition

1501Felt Sheet, SAE F1 Grade, White
1503Felt Sheet, SAE F3 Grade, Grey
1505Felt Sheet, SAE F5 Grade, White
1507Felt Sheet, SAE F7 Grade, Grey
1510Felt Sheet, SAE F10 Grade, White
1513Felt Sheet, SAE F13 Grade, Grey
1515Felt Sheet, SAE F15 Grade, Grey
1550Felt Sheet, SAE F50 Grade, White
1551Felt Sheet, SAE F51 Grade, Grey
1555Felt Sheet, SAE F55 Grade, Black
2200Ceramic Fiber – Cloth, Tape
2300Woven Fiberglass Cloth
2305Woven Fiberglass BH Tape
2310Woven Fiberglass – Heat Treatd
2315Woven Fiberglass HT, BH Tape
2320Woven Fiberglass Tadpole Tape
2321Woven Fiberglass Tadpole Tape w/ Inconel Wire insert
2350W. Fiberglass,Vermiculite Coat
2390Woven Fiberglass, PTFE Impreg.
2391W.Fiberglass, PTFE Impreg.Prem
2400Woven Silica, Cloth, Tape
6000Cork – Polymeric Binder
6010Cork – Neoprene Binder – Brown
6030Cork – Nitrile Binder – Brown
6101Vegetable Fiber – TanData Sheet
6160Vegetable Fiber with Cork – TanData Sheet
6200Cellulose Fiber/Latex or SBR Elastomer
6201Cellulose Fiber/Latex or SBR Elastomer/Laminate SteelData Sheet
6209Cellulose Fiber, No binder (Fish Paper)
6300Synthetic Fiber
6330Synthetic Fiber/Nitrile Elastomer
6331Synthetic Fiber/Nitrile Elastomer/Laminate SteelData Sheet
6435Vermiculite/Nitrile – Tanged – TanData Sheet
6437Vermiculite/Nitrile – Armored – Silver
6438Vermiculite/Nitrile -Amored SS – Silver
6561Mica – Tanged – Greenish Brown
6700Fiberfrax Paper
9900Graph Sheet- Solid, GreyData Sheet
9901Graph Sheet- Solid PSA, GreyData Sheet
9920Graph Sheet- Aramid/NBRbinder, Grey
9930Graph Sheet- Mylar Reinforced, Grey
9931Graph Sheet- Expanded Metal
9941Graph Sheet- Graphite “B” Stainless Steel Core, GreyData Sheet
9951Graph Sheet- 316SS Wire Mesh Core, GreyData Sheet
9960Graph Sheet- Graphite “B” Tanged Core, GreyData Sheet
9961Graph Sheet- Graphite “B” Stainless Steel Tanged Core, GreyData Sheet
9970SS/Graph Sandwich sheet, Silver

Elastomers (Rubber)

8000SBR/Red Rubber- Commercial Grade, RedData Sheet
8001SBR/Black- Commercial GradeData Sheet
8010SBR/Red Rubber Fabric Finish
8050Cloth Inserted SBR, Black
8051SBR- Cloth Insert (1 ply)
8052SBR- Cloth Insert (2 ply)
8060SBR- Foam/Sponge, Black
8063SBR- Foam/Sponge, White
8070Skirt Board
8080Gum Rubber
8086Natural/Gum Rubber Foam/Sponge – Black
8087Tan Fabric Finish
8090Latex Rubber
8100Neoprene- Commercial Grade, BlackData Sheet
8110Neoprene- High Grade, BlackData Sheet
8130Neoprene- Food Grade, WhiteData Sheet
8151Neoprene- Cloth Insert (1 ply)
8152Neoprene- Cloth Insert (2 ply)
8154Neoprene – Cloth Insert (4 ply)
8160Neoprene Sponge-Clsd Cell, NO PSA
8161Neoprene Sponge-Clsd Cell, PSA
8162Neoprene Sponge-Clsd Cell,SC42
8200EPDM- Commercial GradeData Sheet
8205EPDM- Comm. Grade Yellow
8210EPDM- High GradeData Sheet
8220EPDM- Peroxide Cured
8230EPDM- FDA WhiteData Sheet
8260EPDM- Sponge/Foam
8300Nitrile- Commercial Grade, BlackData Sheet
8310Nitrile- High Grade, BlackData Sheet
8320Nitrile- Peroxide Cured
8330Nitrile- Food Grade, WhiteData Sheet
8333Nitrile- 3A Sanitary Approved
8334Nitrile- Food Grade, Red
8350Nitrile/Cotton Blend or Cloth Insert
8355Nitrile Cloth Inserted 5 Ply
8360Nitrile- Sponge/Foam
8368Nitrile/PVC/CR- Sponge/Foam (Ensolite IV)
8380HNBR- Peroxide Cured
8420Epichlorohydrin, Black
8450Polyacrylate, Black
8455Polyacrylate – Non-Black Color
8460Epichlorohydrin CC Foam, Black
8600Hypalon, Black
8700Viton “A”- Commercial Grade, BlackData Sheet
8705Viton “A”- Commercial Grade, Yellow
8707Viton “A” – Commercial Grade, Brown
8710Viton “A”- Mil-Spec/High Grade, Black
8720Viton “A” – GLT Low Temp, Black
8730Viton “A” – FDA ApprovedData Sheet
8737Viton “A”- FDA Approved, BrownData Sheet
8740Viton “B”- Commercial Grade, BlackData Sheet
8743Viton “B”- FDA Approved, White
8745Viton “B”- Commercial Grade, Yellow
8750Viton “GFS”- Commercial Grade, Black
8754Viton “GFLT” – Commercial Grade, Red
8755Viton “GFS”- Commercial Grade, Yellow
8756Viton “GFS”- Commercial Grade, Green
8760Viton Sponge, Black
8770Aflas, Black
8780Chemraz, Black
8790Kalrez, Black
8800Silicone- Commercial Grade, RedData Sheet
8805Silicone- Comm. Grade, Yellow
8810Silicone- ZZ-R-765 Spec. Grade, Red
8830Silicone- Food Grade, WhiteData Sheet
8834Silicone- Food Grade, Red
8838Silicone- Food Grade, Translucent
8839Silicone- Food Grade, Grey
8860Silicone- Sponge Clsd Cell, Red
8861Silicone Sponge, Closed Cell With PSA
8869Silicone- Sponge Clsd Cell, Grey FDA Approved
8870Fluorosilicone, Blue
8890Silicone- PTFE Encapsulated

Synthetic Fiber Compressed / Blends

7500Synthetic Fiber/Nitrile Binder – Off-WhiteData Sheet
7700Carbon Fiber/Graphite/Nitrile – GreyData Sheet
7800Synthetic Fiber/Nitrile Binder – Yellow/BlackData Sheet

Polymers (Plastic)

9000Teflon- Mechanical Grade, WhiteData Sheet
9100Teflon- Virgin Grade, WhiteData Sheet
9130Teflon- Virgin Grade, White, FDA Approved/Certified
9140Microcellular PTFE, White, FDA ApprovedData Sheet
9141PTFE w/Barium Sulfate, Off-WhiteData Sheet
9142PTFE w/Silica, Sand/Fawn
9143PTFE w/Graphite, Black
9144PTFE w/Glass Microspheres, Blue
9145MicrocellularPTFE w/ PTFE Core, White
9146PTFE wGlass Microspheres, Lt. Blue, Higher Compressibility
9150PTFE w/ 304SS Insert, White (Taskline/MP 304SS)
9160PTFE Envelope-Slit Comp.Filler
9161PTFE Envelope-Slit Neo Filler
9162PTFE Envelope-Slit EPDM Filler
9163PTFE Envelope-Slit NBR Filler
9164PTFE Envelope-Slit VitonFiller
9165PTFE Envelope-Slit Upgrd Comp.
9166PTFE Envelope-Slit ComboFiller
9167PTFE Envelope-Slit ComboSteel
9168PTFE Envelope-Slit ComboSSteel
9170PTFE Envelope-MilledComp.Fill
9188Teflon – FEP, PFA, Translucent
9200Teflon- 25% Glass filled, Off-WhiteData Sheet
9220Teflon- 25% Coke flour Filled, Grey
9250Teflon-15% Glass/5% Moly Filled
9299Teflon- Graphite Filled
9300Nylon 101- Commercial, White
9400Plastic Shim Stock/Miscellaneous PlasticsData Sheet
9420Phenolic resin sheet
9450Polyurethane, Cast
9458Polyurethane, Cast, Clear/Amber tint
9460Polyurethane Foam
9500LDPE – Polyethylene
9510HDPE – Polyethylene
9540UHMW-PE – Repro
9541UHMW-PE – Virgin Grade
9550Mylar (BoPET) Type D (Clear-Glossy Finish)
9553Mylar Type A (Cloudy White color)
9560Crosslinked Polyethylene
9561Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam w/PSA
9565Crosslinked PE with EVA Additive
9600Vinyl, Clear
9657Cloth Inserted Vinyl
9660PVC Foam
9661PVC/NBR/CR Foam with PSA
9790Polyoxymethylene (Delrin, Celcon, Lupital) Natural Color…

Industrial Applications

Various applications rely on sheet gaskets, including:

  • Food Processing
  • Chemical Plants
  • Rail and Marine Aftermarket
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Refineries
  • Pump and Valve Manufacturers
  • Power Plants
  • Locomotive Manufacturers
  • Water Treatment Plants

Quality Sheet Gasketing & Roll Goods Material Solutions

Gasket sheeting comes in a broad range of materials, so it’s important to consider the exact needs of your application to select the most appropriate material for your needs. At MPRC, we keep a stocked inventory of sheet gasket materials, and we pride ourselves on providing quick turnaround times for all of our fabricated parts.

All of our sheet and roll products are available for sale with same-day shipping to ensure you get the materials you need when you need them. Through continuous improvement, we strive to offer better materials and are always looking for ways to enhance the physical characteristics of our products so that they exhibit resistance to higher pH ratings, higher crush resistance, higher torque retention, and resistance to higher and lower temperatures.

Our high-quality sheet and roll products many made in the with the highest quality control, and we focus on customer satisfaction with every order. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified, and we also belong to the RSI and ISD associations to deliver superior quality products and services.

To learn more about our sheet gasketing and roll goods, contact us or request a quote today.