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Capabilities: Lathe Cut, Molding, Extruding, and Splicing

Master Packing and Rubber Company (MPRC) offers a range of services, utilizing advanced technologies to produce custom gasket and sealing solutions that address challenges for equipment operating under some of the harshest conditions. We meet the needs of varied industries worldwide with 100% USA-made products like our lathe-cut gaskets, molded gaskets, gasket material extrusions, and spliced gaskets. Our experienced team will examine your application and the gaskets’ potential environmental exposures to help you select the right material and gasket production process for your needs. Learn more about our capabilities, how we make our gaskets, and what we offer our customers.

Lathe Cutting

MPRC supplies structurally stable and accurately cut lathe cut gaskets. Uncured rubber sheet is wrapped around the lathe’s mandrel which is accurate to the final inside diameter of the gasket to be cut, and the material is built up until the outside diameter is met plus an additional wrap. This is then removed from the mandrel and cured in an autoclave. It is then mounted on a mandrel that is turned at a relatively high speed and material is ground off the surface until the outside diameter is accurately produced. A cutting tool is then pushed into the material at what will determine the thickness of the finished gasket. Our CNC lathe controls the speed of the mandrel and the cutting tool’s movement, resulting in fast gasket production and high material-to-product yield.


Molding generates accurate parts by filling a mold cavity with raw material and applying heat and pressure to the mold matrix until its contents vulcanize into a solid component. The process allows for optimal design versatility and is compatible with multiple material options. MPRC normally molds nitrile, neoprene, silicone, and Viton elastomers.

We use injection, and compression molding equipment suitable for molding and curing precisely shaped gaskets with tight tolerances from a host of elastomeric polymers.


Rather than a mold, the extruding process uses a pre-shaped die to generate components in the desired configuration. This technique forces an elatomer to pass through the die, with the material then taking the shape of the die and curing into a part with an exact profile that can be replicated with exacting precision. A variety of extrusion processes are available depending upon the material to be processed.

  • Hot extrusion
  • Cold extrusion
  • Friction extrusion
  • Micro extrusion


To make spliced seals, we begin by cutting rubber coils or extruded strips down into your required length. Then, we splice the ends of these rubber strips together, bonding them with an adhesive that is then placed into a profile die that holds the ends together while going through the heat curing process, under some pressure from the tool. This creates a joint with the same strength as the rubber itself. A faster process than molding, splicing allows us to control the seal size and cross-section to produce a large variety of custom seals and O-rings in particular dimensions.

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Since 1982, MPRC has been the trusted source for custom gaskets across diverse industries, including the marine and locomotive markets, industrial and chemical plants, biofuel and power plants, refineries, food processing and pharmaceutical operations, and government sectors. We specialize in a range of gasket and seal manufacturing methods and source high-performance materials to provide our customers around the world with the most effective, innovative gasket options built to almost any specification.

The MPRC team can assist in everything from engineering and design to rapid manufacturing, kitting, and shipping. Our ISO 9001:2015-and AAR-M1003 certified company utilizes finite element analysis and quality controls to give you the peace of mind that your gaskets will hold up as expected against stress, vibration, high temperatures and pressures, chemicals, and more for unsurpassed quality. Contact us for more information on our gasket production capabilities and sealing solutions, or request a quote today to begin your project.