Metal gaskets are unique for their applications where traditional materials might not be suitable for your needs. They can endure high temperatures and high pressures that can often damage traditional gaskets. At MPRC, we supply spiral wound gaskets, which are precisely engineered to be ideal for applications and equipment that demand high flexibility to maintain a cohesive seal even in extreme temperatures and high pressure.

We stock spiral wound gaskets made to the ASME B16.20 standard, from 150-lb. class to 2,500-lb. class. We also supply spiral windings separately on a custom order basis to your specifications. Our largest on-the-shelf standards are 304 stainless steel windings with a graphite filler. Our custom heat exchanger gaskets are available in both metal and nonmetallic materials, cut and fabricated to your request. Many of these gaskets are offered from a variety of metals and fillers in any shape, size or style to suit your specific application.

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