Custom Gaskets by Master Packing

At MPRC, we can provide gaskets that are lathe cut, hand fabricated, extruded, spliced, or molded in order to accommodate any style or type of sealing solution you might need for your application. MPRC carries a large inventory of sheet and roll goods for our gasket cutting service. Our process can be performed quickly and immediately when needed.

To cut your gaskets, we use high-speed computer controlled cutting tables to allow accuracy and repeatability without flaws. This eliminates the variation from dies that break down over time, which means no more waiting for dies to be made to print. Our specialists can digitize a drawing for a fraction of the cost of a die and have it up for production in as little as 10 minutes. We take pride in knowing that customers count on our custom gaskets to keep their pumps, compressors, and other equipment functioning properly for a long time.

Visit our Sheet Gasketing Page to locate the material you are looking for.