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Hydraulic/Pnuematic Packing & Seals Hydraulic seals are made from non-metallic materials that fit inside a groove or between several rings to create a seal assembly. They control or block fluid in applications that rely on reciprocal motion and are pivotal in generating linear motion from liquid pressure. Pneumatic seals share a similar profile with hydraulic seals but rely on compressed air to pneumatically actuate the seal. High-speed and high-temperature applications rely on pneumatic seals to hold pressure.

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Seals Types

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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Packing & Seals

Pneumatic and hydraulic seals come in a wide range of types. The following are some of the common seal types:

  • Piston Seals: Maintains a seal through pressure forcing contact between the cylinder bore and piston. They work with double-acting and single-acting cylinders depending on the design.
  • Rod/Ram Packing Seals: A crucial seal for preventing the cylinder from leaking fluid while holding high pressure. Fluid leaks reduce performance and result in product loss.
  • U-Cup Seals: Known for its U-shaped cross-section that applies pressure to the lip seal, the U-cup seal comes in several designs and can provide reliable sealing in dynamic and static applications.
  • V-Packings Seals: A prevalent sealing solution for heavy-duty and medium-duty pistons and rods in double or single-acting cylinders. They rely on a male and female adaptor and multiple sealing V-rings, and can be stacked with both fabric reinforced rings and homogeneous rings.
  • W Seals: Delivers the highest performance in ultra-high purity process gas delivery systems where safety and reliability are valued. W seals require less torque than other solutions to form a leak-free seal.
  • Flange Packings: A gasket for sealing the gap between pipe sections joined with a flanged surface.
  • O Rings: A rubber seal prevalent in various applications that provides for the sealing of air, gases, and liquids such as water, hydraulic fluids, propane, crude and petroleum oils, and gasoline. The soft, donut-shaped design has been a reliable sealing solution for over 100 years.

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Seal Applications

Pneumatic seals are the ideal solution for applications involving various operating pressures. They sustain target pressure levels in cylinders and valves by restricting air and gas flow. These seals are highly durable, create minimal levels of friction, and are resistant to extreme temperatures. Pneumatic valves and cylinders rely on them for sealing in applications such as:

  • Liquid handling swivel joints
  • Valves and pumps in the chemical industry
  • Production and exploration of oil
  • Steelworks and presses
  • Pharmaceutical instruments
  • Heavy mobile equipment
  • Mining pump devices

Hydraulic seals maintain the sealing of high-pressure hydraulic cylinders and other dynamic applications. These seals can be made from a range of materials, including various elastomers, PTFE, or polyurethane, depending on the application conditions and restrictions. The following applications rely on hydraulic sealing:

  • Standard cylinders
  • Pumps
  • Automotive
  • Injection molding machines


Industries Served

Many applications rely on hydraulic and pneumatic seals from MPRC Seals. Our seals provide highly efficient protection against system breakdowns which can save companies money and downtime. We have experience serving the following industries:

  • Agricultural: Crop harvesting machinery, drainage, baling, threshing, and harvesting implements rely on hydraulic seals. Our high-performance single-acting hydraulic seals have UV, wear, and temperature resistance to meet the demands of agricultural work.
  • Food Industry: Packaging and manufacturing machinery for food processing rely on our guide rings, wipers, pneumatic seals, pneumatic o-rings, and spring energized seals. Our FDA-approved silicone seals are metal detectable for food safety.
  • Industrial Pumps: We offer piston pumps, gear pumps, and centrifugal pump sealing solutions to deliver high performance in industrial applications.
  • Waste Management and Recycling: Hydraulic equipment used in waste management and recycling relies on hydraulic seals to perform in demanding and harsh conditions.
  • Mining: Our hydraulic rod seals are ideal for mining and mineral extraction equipment have extreme wear resistance and water resistance for improved reliability.
  • Automobile: Our popular o-rings and other hydraulic seals enable hydraulic-powered automobile applications such as wipers to function.
  • Oil and Gas: Gas cylinders rely on hydraulic seals to prevent leakage. Seals also allow gas to move through the cylinders using pressure

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals From MPRC

Hydraulic and pneumatic seals are vital to various industries. Hydraulic seals block fluid from escaping a sealed system and deliver pressure for fluid-driven linear motion. Pneumatic seals are air-actuated and are ideal for high-temperature and high-speed applications. Industries rely on a range of seal types to suit various applications.

At MPRC Seals, we design and manufacture sealing solutions for every industry. Since 1982 we have developed innovative materials and designs for V-packings, ram packings, and O-rings. We rely on our experience and engineering capabilities to deliver higher-quality seals. Our team has worked with power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, delivering custom sealing solutions. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote today.