O-rings, V-packings, Ram Packings & More

Hydraulic/Pnuematic Packing & Seals
At MPRC, we can supply you with O-rings, V-packings, ram packings, cups, and more, built from leather, state of the art materials or simple polymers. We give our customers options in the types of hydraulic and pneumatic seals to make sure they’re getting a product that best fits their application needs. Our O-rings are available in most elastomers and PTFE, including encapsulated elastomers with an outer covering of PTFE. If you need a non-standard type of seal, we offer in-house molding services.

We are also in the DuPont Genuine Viton® Program. In today’s world, elastomers can be mixed with fillers and other hydrocarbon rubbers to achieve a “less expensive” part. That can put people at risk. If your sealing application is one that is best handled by a fluoroelastomer, make sure you are getting 100% Viton® FKM and not a low cost blend that delivers low capability.