Our Corporate Culture

Master Packing & Rubber Company was founded in 1982. To get our foot in the door, we would ask potential customers for their most problematic seal applications.

We were confronted with;

  • High Temperatures
  • Extreme Pressures
  • High Vibration
  • Full pH range 0-14
  • Improper Clamp Loads

These hostile environments are what we cut our teeth on. Developing advanced materials and utilizing computer simulated design analysis, innovating has allowed us to create real solutions for our customers. Today, our success is based on this foundation. We are constantly looking for new materials and methods, leveraging our experience and know how, to deliver the best seal solutions available.

Broad Range of Experience

You will find our seal solutions and innovations across a wide range of industries including;

  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pump and Valve Manufacturers
  • Locomotive Manufacturers
  • Power Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Rail and Marine after market

What ever your application requires, we can help find the solution to your sealing needs. We supply gaskets from a wide variety of materials and designs; metal, spiral wound, heat exchanger, polymers, soft fibrous material, cork, cork with rubber binder, glass, ceramic, graphite and Teflon.

Creative, Innovative Engineering

At Master Packing and Rubber Company our reputation has been built on finding real solutions for our customers’ applications. We look at the application and environmental exposures. One of the most critical steps after evaluating these criteria is the selection of the material that will provide the seal. Once material selection has been made, the physical design of the seal begins. With the aid of computer finite element analysis we can examine how the seal will perform under any condition. This analysis will show us where the stresses are imposed on the gasket. Through various iterations and adjustments, we can fine tune the design to achieve maximum performance. Once the design is finalized, we can begin the manufacturing process. State of the art equipment and control processes insure our customers unsurpassed quality, time after time.

Customer Focused

Not all orders are easy. Our sales staff has years of experience working in the field with our customers. Understanding their problems and developing working solutions has created a reputation as innovators in the seal industry. As an example, Master Packing and Rubber Company was asked by a locomotive rebuilder to investigate the gaskets and seals in the engines they were overhauling. To our surprise, we found seals made from the wrong materials, antiquated seal designs, and improper seal installation. The whole process of re-design took years of development, field testing, and analysis. This was not an easy project, but perseverance brought about a revolution in the materials and designs of the gaskets used. Today, Master Packing and Rubber Company is a major supplier of seals and gaskets to the locomotive rail and marine industry. No matter what your application, we can help with your everyday needs or develop a solution for your applications.

You are always just one phone call away from resolving the issues that keep you from operating at peak performance. Call us today!