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MPRC’s M-Nozzle™ Gasket for Railcars

The M-Nozzle™ Gasket from MPRC.

When it comes to Railcar Manway gaskets, let’s face it: there are too many sizes, thicknesses, and variations to keep track of. How can you tell the difference between a gasket that’s supposed to be 21” x 19” versus a gasket of similar color that’s 21 1/4” x 18 7/8”? In addition, supplier lead times are at an all-time high, making some Railcar gaskets very difficult to get your hands on. So, how do you get the gaskets you need promptly?

It’s frustrating, and we get it. That’s why MPRC developed a simplified solution: One gasket that fits over any standard 20” Nozzle that replaces manway or “top hatch” cover gaskets.  The M-Nozzle™ Gasket from MPRC.  One Gasket- One Answer- ONE SOLUTION. 

Reduce inventory and enjoy the benefits of easier gasket installation and safer gasket removal with the fully molded M-Nozzle™ gasket from MPRC. Made in-house at our Cedar Rapids, IA headquarters, the M-Nozzle™ gasket is supplied in Black Nitrile, White FDA Nitrile, and Blue EPDM, covering general service, food sweeteners, and Ethanol and petroleum products. Just slip on and off the nozzle, and the unique design will clamp and hold the gasket in place.   

We have a large selection of M-Nozzle™ gaskets in stock and ready for shipment. Call MPRC today at 800-397-3429 and let us assist you with your Railcar Fleet.


MPRC’s M-Nozzle™ Gasket available in Black Nitrile, White FDA Nitrile, and Blue EPDM.








***SPOILER ALERT: MPRC is working on a new Yellow Viton “B” M-Nozzle gasket at this time (shown below) that we hope to have available for release in the very near future, as we continue to navigate through material shortages and excessive lead times for all Viton materials.  Stay tuned for more updates!***




MPRC, a manufacturer of seals and gaskets for Locomotives and Rail Cars is AAR M1003 Certified!  We proudly add that to our ISO 9001-2015 Certification– and as always, we THANK YOU for your business. As a reminder, MPRC manufactures right here in the good ole’ USA!

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MPRC Fuel Bowl Seal

What sets MPRC apart from other gasket suppliers? One of our main strengths is not only the ability to custom cut virtually any gasket, but we also custom mold a wide variety of rubber components. Fully molded parts, quality controlled from start to finish, made in-house- right here in the USA!  One of the many advantages of fully-molded parts from MPRC is not only exceptional quality, but fast turnaround.  MPRC can produce the parts, and get them to you quickly.  With the current state of supply issues and excessive lead times, this can be a game-changer.   Check out below how MPRC is molding our Fuel Bowl Seal and improving the performance, safety, and life-cycle of our customer’s equipment.  

MPRC Fuel Bowl Seal

Part #0-EM8104055-CGO

MPRC Fuel Bowl Seal, PN: 0-EM8104055-CGO

Fuel Filter assemblies are commonly equipped with flat-black (Nitrile) gaskets. During engine operation, clevis thumb screws will loosen from engine vibration, and these flat gaskets will eventually show some fretting deterioration- both causing leaking.  One area of importance is centering the bowl into the flat gasket. If vibration through the filter body contacts the glass bowl, it can fracture and crack, and you’ve got a real problem on your hands. The glass bowls also can be moved or placed off-center and can cause unnecessary leaks. With the fuel system under pressure, these failures can contribute to personnel safety issues, fire, and equipment damage.

MPRC was challenged with fixing this sealing issue and creating a seal that would help with installation by centering the fuel bowl through the seal, preventing the bowl from ever contacting the fuel block. The MPRC Fuel Bowl seal was designed using our proprietary Chemours Viton™ compound which we believe is simply unmatched in the industry. Specially molded to accept the glass bowl sealing surface, including additional grooves that mate with the fuel filter assembly body- all designed to absorb engine vibrations and protect the fuel bowl. This secure fit and sealing ability contribute to a safe environment and operation of your equipment.

Reach for the “Gold Standard” today- the MPRC Fuel Bowl Seal! Molded in-house at our Cedar Rapids, IA headquarters.  

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