Have you ever found yourself in a bind where you need something to seal a door, a flange, or anything quickly- but don’t have time to wait for trim seal, extrusion, or cut gasket? It happens. Maybe you’ve found yourself thinking, “I sure wish there was something I had in my toolbox or on my storeroom shelf that I could always have on hand to seal what’s needed.” Well, there’s good news: MPRC has just what you need! 

Make no mistake: MPRC is serious about QUALITY. We only stand behind the very best materials. It’s what our customers have come to expect and what we expect of ourselves. We are proud to offer this Premium Flange Sealant made in the USA! 

Flex-Tex comes in a variety of sizes in a quick and easy-to-use spool. It’s got a “sticky-back” that allows it to be applied easily to your working surface. Are you working in an environment where your seal needs to be FDA compliant, handle most common chemicals, and withstand higher temps than standard rubber materials? Is the surface you’re working with rough, pitted, scratched, or damaged? Need a door seal or a material that will compress and seal like a champ? Set it and forget it!- Flex-Tex has you covered!

MPRC’s Flex-Tex is THE “Go-to Sealant” for emergencies and unexpected shut-downs. It should be part of every Maintenance Technician’s toolbox, storage bin, or warehouse. We’ve got the sizing you need- in stock and ready to ship. Call us today at 800-397-3429 or email our sales team at: sales@mprcseals.com to help you stay ahead of the game! 

*For more technical data regarding our Flex-Tex material, please visit*: https://www.mprcseals.com/products/expanded-ptfe/


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