MPRC Team Member Spotlight: Laura Suttles

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MPRC Team Member Spotlight:  Laura Suttles- Inside Sales/Customer Service- Master Packing & Rubber Company (MPRC) Chances are, if you have called Master Packing & Rubber Company, you have most certainly talked to Laura. She’s the pleasant and cheery voice that answers the phone, ensuring your order is heading your way. Many of us call her […]

Welcome to 2022!

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Wow – here we are, starting yet ANOTHER New Year.  Some of us are still getting used to writing “2021” on our checks, and many of us couldn’t be happier putting last year behind us. There’s no question the past two years have been challenging.  Our company and our city experienced the damage of a […]


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IT’S OFFICIAL: MPRC, a manufacturer of seals and gaskets for Locomotives and Rail Cars is AAR M1003 Certified!  We proudly add that to our ISO 9001-2015 Certification– and as always, we THANK YOU for your business. As a reminder, MPRC manufactures right here in the good ole’ USA! Call MPRC today at 800-397-3429, or email […]

MPRC Fuel Bowl Seal

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What sets MPRC apart from other gasket suppliers? One of our main strengths is not only the ability to custom cut virtually any gasket, but we also custom mold a wide variety of rubber components. Fully molded parts, quality controlled from start to finish, made in-house- right here in the USA!  One of the many advantages […]

Mechanical Seals vs. Mechanical Packing — Which Sealing Method Works Best?


Seals are a simple method of preventing fluid from escaping a vessel. Equipment like centrifugal pumps rely on seals to contain large volumes of pressurized fluid. There are two types of seals: the traditional pump packing known as mechanical packing or gland packing and the more modern mechanical seal. Mechanical packings rely on a rope-like […]

Hello From Robb

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With our new website on it’s way up, we have decided to join the world of “blogging” and updating on “social media” to provide more information on our products, our beliefs and where we think we are heading. What initially started out as a one man rep agency on the “south-side” of Chicago calling on […]

Materials by the ASTM Specs

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Materials and Understanding Choices through the ASTM Tests So many good competitors…so many good materials. It adds to the dilemma in picking who to work with and even more importantly, what to work with, when picking designs and materials for seals. I use the term “seals” broadly here to include all types of seals; die-formed […]

Maintenance Procedures For Better Sealing

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Throughout the years, we run across a maintenance practice that does more harm than good. It is the practice of putting down a wet film of silicone RTV sealant, either on the gasket or on the flanges and then bolting up. There are basically two problems with this practice. First, by using any type of […]